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Jun. 8th, 2011

 hi everyone!!! :D how is everyone????? let me just say that i miss everyone here :)

i know i'm late for the partay (i'm always late really) but i just created myself a tumblr account!
it's mareleena.tumblr.com :)

even though i might not be able to spend time here at lj, i hope we can still connect with each other on tumblr and twitter. yes i'm very active thereso yeah! my twitter account: twitter.com/mareleena. tell me your tumblr/twitter accounts and i'll follow you guys :D
i seriously miss the old days where we all spazzed about dbsk/yunjae but hey we can still do that even though i'm not really active here on lj :)
looking forward to see you guys around <33333



HI EVERYONE! *waves* well, anyone has a twitter acc here? i just created my own yesterday (yes i admit i'm a little late to join in the fun haha) and let's follow each other since dang, i don't really spend all my time here on LJ and i guess twitter is like the quickest way for us to connect, yeah? and i really want to know my f-list better! keke!

tell me your twitter acc and i'll follow you ;)

mine is


dot dot.

HOMG!!! my sister scored straight 10 As for her spm examinations! if i'm not mistaken, she got 6A+s (which includes the additional maths paper. frick) and 4As. i'm so happy and proud of her :) i really hope she'll able to further her studies overseas because she was really aiming at becoming a geologist. sigh. huge, amazing dreams and i know she'll kick ass all the way :)

i am officially inspired. i am now driven to work harder for my finals, which is like two weeks away. this semester is the hardest one to date. i'm mentally, emotionally and obviously, physically tired. i am so scared that i will not be able to maintain my cgpa. i cried, i flopped and i just can't wait for this semester to end.

do you know how pressuring it is that when i go nervous about answering papers and quizzes, people will go like, "oh come on. you're a clever girl. you got ___ for last semester so for sure you won't flop the paper. you're just pretending to be nervous". i mean like, hello. i am a human being. i can slip and fall anytime so can you please don't say that to me? i don't dislike them for doing that but it's pressuring. i feel as if everyone's expecting a lot from me and it's scary.

i am halfway through my studies and i don't plan to let my cgpa fall. i am not settling for second-class honours. i want to be a first-class honour graduate and that's what i'll be. i may sound somehow arrogant, but i believe this is how everybody is when it comes to their studies. everybody wants to be succeed, to be the best and just to be whatever they dream of being. it's a healthy competition :)

wow. i don't normally vent out on this lj. haha ;p but it feels good. keke.

whisk away, semester! i cannot wait to write again and just chill.


well helllooo 2010.

homfgoodness. i can't believe that another year has passed by so frecken quickly :)

looking back at 2009;
i finally left the exciting ONE behind and entered the big TWO. yep. i'm no longer who you can call a teen and it's kinda sad, actually.
i played a man with damn thick eyebrows for a play, which was so frecken thrilling :)
after school had their comeback and i have no words to describe their amazingness.
and homy. tokyo dome!!!
i went watching quantum of solace twice at the cinema because one time is NEVAH enuf to handle daniel craig's hotness.
damn. no more high school musical.
oh double damn. dongbang boys had a troubled year. well, half of the year actually.
I MET MY LJ PALS! homg. so exciting! :)
i cut my hair short. like, snsd's sooyoung short.
and yeah, i have yet to have a facebook acc. call me lame, but i love it that way la wey. eheh.

well, for 2010;
i want to be more active in uni activities.
i want to widen my LJ circle of friends! :) so, let's get all pumped up, shall we, pals? ;)
i want to drink less carbonated drinks and eat less instant noodles.
i want my yunjae back.
i want to play the piano moree! it's time to reach that eighth level, baby!
i want to be more studious.
i want to save more money into my mickey tabung (that's malay for piggy bank!).
i want to improve my malay. even though i'm a native speaker, i'm not fluent. heh. embarassing and tak malu, i know.
oh and arabic too! i must be better at arabic and get a for my arabic subjects!
and less cursing, seriously.
OH. i definitely WANTWANTWANT the dongbang boys to be back like they once were. enough with the lawsuits and all, i just want them to get back together and sing/make good music again.
AND I EFFING WISH THAT THE FREAKING TRAIN SERVICES IN MALAYSIA WILL IMPROVE THEMSELVES! dammit. i benci ktm. so for this year, i wish to avoid the freaking ktm as much as i can. yes, that's something i will definitely do. or at least avoid taking it during peak hours. heh.

so, one hour to go. how's the celebration? well, my mum bought us a HUGE pint of jamoca almond fudge from baskin robbins so we're devouring it right now :) oooh. i can hear fireworks already! how exciting. and now, i shall head downstairs and sit with our maid and watch devdas, the saddest hindi movie evah i tell you! and spazz (in a sad way) at the ending. (yep still a true malay at heart. malays love them hindi movies, yes?)


i can see my sister updating her blog. homghomg. flails around. i must go stalk her blog nao :)




waited for so long. rindu membuak buak. now where is ze video??


and yunjae wearing the same necklace?
and it's raya today.
the day cannot get any better.


earth hour :)

oh my sweet honeys~

how was your earth hour celebrations? :)

nana and i had fun! in fact, we just came back from our celebration~

we went briskwalking but the emotion of doing it in the name of the earth makes it more fun!

we celebrated earth hour in campus,

so we walked around and we can see lights switched off all over!

and even the security posts switched off the lights!

go pakcik!

our fellows even announced over the loudspeaker and asked everyone to switch off their lights! ;)

and while we were walking, we heard someone screamed,


ahhh~ the spirit!

i hope you had lotsa fun either!!

save the earth, save the future! <3


as a citizen of the world;

yes my sweet huns;

earth hour is approaching in less than a week

and i am a great believer that the world can be saved

all it would take is a flicker of the switch and an hour; and yes, you've played your part ;)

come on sweeties!

preserve the earth and love our environment

switch off the lights and go out yeah?

8.30 pm, 280309;

no matter where you are, switch off the lights

and see the world in a different light

say yes to saving the world and say no to global warming

have fun :)


tagged. again.

I was tagged by rining_melody ~

a. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
b. Tag six people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

1. What are your favourite subjects in school?
if it's school, i enjoyed english and physics the most~ but i flopped my physics BIG TIME. but still i loved the subject~ and if it's univeristy, i enjoyed political science, psychology, drama and poetry~

2. What is your current ringtone?
do you wanna; the kooks

3. What is making you happy right now?
my girlfriends and YUNJAE~ and my family of course~

4. What are you currently reading?

i am still STUCK on the dynamics of mass communication. yes. i'm LAME.

5. What is your pet peeve?
messy places.

6. What was the last book you read?
the last book i read was a comic *busted* i can't remember the title. really.

7. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?
i love baskin robbin's chocolate mousse royale. IT IS THE BEST. but i am an ICE-CREAM WHORE. so any ice-cream will do EXCEPT the durian flavour. lol~

8. Are you seeing anyone right now?
ooooh. as in dating? i'm dating my SCHOOLWORK. yes. i'm  THAT lame. i am a self-professed NERD.

9. What is your all-time favourite movie?
i don't have any in particular but i enjoyed the LOTR trilogy tremendously.

10. What was the last thing you ate today?
i had rice together with chicken and tempe <- i don't know what people call it in english but it's slices of soy nuts. my mummy said it's good for the brain *yes nerd attack AGAIN*

11. What's your current favourite song?
i'm ADDICTED to i hate this part by the pussycat dolls. and strong baby by seungri of big bang is a heavy rotation in my mp3 too~

12. What is the thing that can make you laugh crazily?
my girlfriends. dedo's and nana's jokes. dedo is the joker and nana is the loser.

13.What kind of relationship do you want?
i'm a fluffy girl so a mushy relationship wouldn't hurt~ lol.

14. What languages do you speak?
well, of course malay and english are my main languages. but i speak a little swedish too. and the yunjae language. well, i think there is a yunjae language.

15. What do you want for the new year?
to get 4.00 gpa for this semester, to live life happily and to live healthily with my family and friends ;)

16. What are your current wishes?
well, to excel in my studies. i also wish for yunjae to happen (oh don't we all do?) and to live merrily with my loved ones.

17. What are your favourite rock bands?
30 SECONDS TO MARS. like, hell, obviously.

18. What are your guilty  pleasures?
yunjae, fanfics, boybands, ice-creams and ogling hotties. really.

19. What are your plans for tonight?
to complete euphoria and to hang out with my girlfriends (oh my nights aren't complete without doing this) OH MOTHER! i have homework to do. okay. then, i'm going to do my homework tonight!

20. Tell me something you love about the person who tagged you.
i don't know her very well but i do believe she's an extremely nice girl! *hugs!*

i'm gonna tag tashyahero , miss_sanzo , peaches00a , kisaki94 . that's it ney? but really, *whispers* i'm not forcing you guys~! lol!

love, muffin <3


and just because i'm tagged

a. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
b. Tag six people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.


1. What type of food do you like most?
two-minutes instant noodles are damn fine i tell you.

2. How do you style your hair?
i usually let it down. o my bond girl haircut. hmm.

3. What is making you happy right now?
the fact that my parents aren't home and i get to sleep in their bed tonight. and i got a new handphone~!

4. What are you currently
oh goodness gracious. i'm currently reading the dynamics of mass communication by joseph r. dominick. for real. in fact, i just finished my first chapter today~

5. Do you need music to study/write?
OH GOODNESS HELL DAMN EFFING YES. or i cannot study at all.

6. What was the last book you read?
change of heart, jodi picoult. not her best but i enjoyed it.

7. What was your first car?
i have yet to buy my own car but the first car i ever drove is suzuki vitara. it's a damn smooth ride. RIDE ON.

8. Do you have a crush at the moment?
if you don't consider my yunjae fangirling as a crush, then no.

9. What is your favorite movie genre?

heartwrenching, bittersweet ones. drama i should say.

10. What was the last thing you ate today?
mcdonalds' spicy chicken mcdeluxe. i had to wait for an hour for the effing delivery to get to my home. i should have asked for a discount or something now that mcdonalds is more expensive.

11. What’s your morning routine?
check my phone, look at the time and go back to sleep.

12. What websites do you visit daily?
livejournal and all the comms, friendster and oh no they didnt.

13.What is your current ringtone?
stars; barcelona.

14. Which languages do you wish you spoke?
swedish, korean, french and arabic.

15. What do you want for Christmas?
a full-on yunjae making out and maybe a little more than that. period.

16. What are you daydreaming about right now?
some yunjae loving.

17. Who are you current favourite artistes?
the dong bang boys will always be my favs. and 30 seconds to mars and onerepublic. o right now, i'm trying to listen to death cab for cutie.

18. Where would you like your next holiday to be?
$&)*@&*&! SWEDEN.

19. What is your dream car?

20. Tell me something you love about the person who tagged you.
my dear tashya? well, the fact that she is an amazing backbone throughout my life as a fanfic write is enough for me to say. yeah girl you light up my fanfic life.

i'm supposed to tag six people right but i can only think of only one person to do this because my lj friends are currently busy with personal stuff right now. my roommate, nadea. yeah you. go kick ass with your ss501 love. i'm your man, i'm your man (some korean word) tadada (another korean word)...
o wait i have another o kisaki sweetie, if you don't mind, can you do this? please? haha. <3


congrats sweeties~



see our results are fine! and dedo and i even got the same effing gpa!

after all the sweat and the tears (o you guys remember the psychology midterm where i cried heavily? ^^ ) we poured, we are done and off to our second semester in the garden of knowledge and virtue!! woohoo~!

love you four so much. we five stick together ney? muaxx to you my monkeys, heartbeats, rocks and backbone.

third of december you guys. the third and hell i cannot wait.